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Annette Beukes

Personal Trainer, Pilates, Massage Therapist and Group Instructor

With my background, experience and qualifications in personal training, sports and general well-being I created my brainchild namely HPT²- Home Personal Training.

HPT²- Home Personal Training came to fruition when the niche in the personal training market was identified, presenting the opportunity for me to live and share my passion!

I qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2004 and worked as Fitness Director on the International Cruise Liners of Royal Caribbean, overseas for two years. On my return I worked at Virgin Active as a Trainer and Group Instructor in Pilates, Yoga, Spinning and Tai-bo. I offer Home Personal Training incorporating the latest technological approaches including the Polar Body Age System. This is done by means of regular body composition analyses and on going work programs.

Annette Beukes HPT2 Biography BOOK in writing-write up of front page
30-40 Chances in life….Devil you met your worst enemy…
The Feather:

5102 Hebrew nahar – to flow The flow is created by the flow of the words and the birds. The feather – ‘be lightened,’ with trust in God you are freed from worries and burdens.“ ‘El Shaddai’ I will trust you”

The symbol of the Lion in the feather:

Symbolic to the Lion of Judah - In Hebrew: ‘Yehuda’ is the original name of the Israelite Tribe of Judah . (Rev 5:5) It also represent Jesus, who originated from the tribe of Judah.
In Genesis, the patriarch Jacob ("Israel") gave that symbol to his tribe when he refers to his son Judah as a ‘Gur Aryeh’, a "Young Lion" (Genesis 49:9) when blessing him.

Spiritus (Spirit):

Because Jesus died on the cross for our sins, we are pure and holy in Christ. 2 Cor 5:17 “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.” We are totally renewed in spirit. Rom 8:6 “The mind controlled by the spirit is LIFE and PEACE”

Anima (Soul):

Our soul is our willpower, emotions and thoughts. The soul gets daily attacks with seeds of sin being planted but can be fought by knowing ‘The Word.’ If our bodies are not well the effects are noticed on our emotions. When we have an aggression e.g. ‘in traffic’ it affects the soul. Therefore we are vulnerable to daily life, because we are human.

Corpus (Body):

Our body is our five senses and of daily functioning. As I am a wellness coach I also won SA’s in bodybuilding with lots of qualifications, all my focus was on getting the body to the most perfect ripped shaped only to learn in the end that the body is just an external being. We are just in a body to be on earth. We age and can be scared, but spiritually we are safe for eternity.

30-40 Chances in life… Devil you met your worst enemy… - The BOOK

Medically I should have been dead 30-40 times. In the book it’s revealed to the reader and myself how many chances I had in life, now I am here to make a change in the world.

Reinhardt Botha

Personal trainer/sports scientist

HPT2 Trainer for 4 years

I qualified as a personal trainer in 2007 and I obtained my Sports Science Degree (Officiating and Coaching) at the Tshwane University of Technology.

Other qualifications and certifications that I hold are:

• Certified Fitness Specialist International Institute for sport science and fitness training. (IIFT)
• V-Core Training
• A.S.A Certificate – Level 1 Athletics Coach
• Currently busy with PGCE (senior phase) and FET (Higher Education)

I have a passion for sports and fitness and have obtained provincial and South African colours in athletics for several years running,  as well as being for numerous rugby teams. Apart from having  always loved taking part in various sports and coaching them  I mainly derive my satisfaction from watching and mentoring  others to discover the same passion for a fit healthy lifestyle. My specialist athletics coaching in sprints and long jump has already produced a South African Schools champion in long jump for 2010.

In my spare time I do fitness modelling, magazine adverts and well as TV adverts. 

Vick Bwalya

HPT2 Cardio Trainer (Kickboxing)

IIFT Cardio Athletic Kickbox Course, EMT Corporate CPR, Leadership at SA Christian Church,
Small Bakery Management, Skills Development in Speciality Baking, Certificate in Offset Lithography,
Diploma in Language (French&English)

Managing director My Hot Oven

My experience and achievements

  • I have been an instructor in different gyms and have been practicing for years in different fields of fitness. Being a trainer requires hard work, motivation and dedication to ensure that mem-bers reach their goals.
  • I have the ability to motivate individuals and give them the confidence that they need to believe in themselves that they are capable of doing so much more. The highlight of my achievement is being the Gauteng kickboxing championship. I have been an instructor for the past 4 years and have studied the following course Cardio Athletic Kickbox.
  • I have also done a course in CPR so this will assist with first aid should it be required.
  • I am still constantly training in different programs that will enhance my capability in being a better instructor.


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Sean McCay

HPT2 PA for Annette

IT Specialist, Online Computer Support, New Installations & Current Maintanance, Computer Sales, Internet support, Remote Desktop Support.


John Bailie

HPT2 Publisher

Minister of Northland Methodist & runs Publishing House