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An exercise reimen created by Joseph Pilates to lengthen, strengthen and tone the body. Combining knowledge of Western and Western philosophies, the pilates method focuses on core strength to assist in strengthening and stretching the entire body. The mind and body are constantly working to develop supple, elongated muscles.

System blends stretching & strengthening with breathing techniques and co-ordination.
Small muscle groups brought in harmony with dominant ones.
Very few reps of high intensity are done of each exercise

Joseph Pilates based his work on mat exercises, but his innovative approach also uses spring
resistance in conjunction with anatomical opposition to achieve desired results.

Principles of pilates

Concentrating on the correct movements each time you exercise, to ensure you do them correctly and thus capitalize on all the vital benefits of their value.

Every movement in pilates requires the use of conscious control.
Nothing is done haphazardly or half-heartedly.

The ‘powerhouse’ most commonly called the ‘core stability muscle.’  It’s the muscles
of the stomach, lower back, pelvic floor and bottom all working together to initiate
all outward movement.

In the original method, exercises are performed in a specific sequence with transitions between the exercises.
These transitions are choreographed much the same as a dance.
Each movement flows gracefully into the next.

Called ‘lateral breathing’ and is extremely important.

One-on-one Personal training is advised for maximal benefits in toning and conditioning.